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Product SLE4428/5528 Printing Plastic Contactless NFC Smart RFID Cards
Material PVC / ABS / PET Etc.
Size 85.5*54mm as credit card or customized size or irregular shape
Thickness 0.84mm as credit card or customized thickness
Printing Silk-screen printing, CMYK printing, laser printing etc.
Chip SLE4442,SLE5542,ISSI4442,Fudan 4442 
Card Type

barcode card, magnetic card, blank card, blank chip card, thick id card,

transparent card etc.

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Product Detail

What's the contact smart card ?

The contact smart card also name IC card ,IC is brief name of Integrated Circuit Card.we could see the chip on the surface of the contact smart card .

Kinds of the contact smart card :
1.Memory printing plastic contactless nfc smart rfid cards,like hotel card ,membership card,social security card etc 
2.CPU contact smart card ,like bank card ,sim card 
3.Super CPU printing plastic contactless nfc smart rfid cards,

Non-Encrypted Memory Card: The IC chip in the card is mainly EEPROM, which has data storage function and does not have data processing function and hardware encryption function.
Logic Encrypted Memory Card: On the basis of non-encrypted memory card, encrypted logic circuit adds encrypted logic circuit. Encrypted logic circuit protects whether the data in the card is open to external access by checking the password, but only low-level security protection can not prevent malicious attacks.
CPU card: also known as smart card, the integrated circuit in the card contains microprocessor CPU, memory unit (including RAM, FLASH, EEPROM) and chip operating system COS. The CPU card equipped with COS is equivalent to a microcomputer. It not only has the function of data storage, but also has the function of command processing and data security protection.

Available Craft: 
Magnetic Stripe, Signature Panel, Bar Code
Offset Printing, Silkscreen Printing, Serial Number Printing

We can see the chip on the printing plastic contactless nfc smart rfid cards's surface, usually the chip will be install in a fixed position of the card.
Printing plastic contactless nfc smart rfid cards must be inserted into a smart-card reader. The reader makes contact with the card module electrical connectors that transfer data to and from the chip. This physical contact permits the transmission of data, commands and card status.

Access Control card, Time Attendance card, Hotel keycard, Transport Ticket, member card, Club card, and etc


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