Product Description

Item Secure Your Data with Our NFC Blocking Card
Size CR80 85.5*54MM,0.86MM thickness
Chip Special shielding chip
Frequency 13.56MHz
Print CMYK,Silk print,digital print 
Function RFID card ,NFC card ,contactless card blocking 
MOQ 100pcs 
Package 200pcs/box,2000pcs/carton 
Keywords rfid blocking,rfid protection,rfid blocking card,credit card protector

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Minorder 100
Packaging 200pcs/box,2000pcs/carton,14kg/carton

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Secure Your Data with Our NFC Blocking Card Description:
RFID blocking cards come in different frequencies, and the 13.56MHz RFID blocking card is one of the most common. It works by emitting a signal that interferes with the frequency being emitted by RFID chips. RFID chips operate by sending a radio frequency signal to a scanner or reader, which then reads the data stored in the chip and completes the transaction or identity verification process. However, by placing an RFID blocking card in between the chip and reader, the card sends out a conflicting signal, rendering the chip unreadable.

The use of the 13.56MHz RFID blocking card is becoming more important as the use of contactless payment methods and identity cards continues to grow. This is because digital thieves can easily use RFID readers to access information stored in these chips without physically touching the card or passport, making electronic pickpocketing a real and growing concern. Therefore, the 13.56MHz RFID blocking card provides an important safeguard against unauthorized access to personal and financial data.

The 13.56MHz RFID blocking card comes in various shapes and sizes, and can be placed in a wallet, purse, or directly in a card slot. They are easy to use and highly effective in blocking signals from RFID chips. By using them, individuals can have peace of mind knowing that their personal and financial information is safe and secure.

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