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Product: Customized PVC Metal Wooden NFC Card
Material: PVC,Wooden,Metal,Stainless Steel,Titanium,Aluminum
Size: 85.5*54*0.86 mm
Thickness: PVC NFC card-0.86mm,Wooden nfc card-1.5mm,Metal NFC card-0.8mm
Printing: Offset printing, Digital printing, Silk screen printing, and Customized
Surface Effect: Glossy/Matte/Frosted Finish,UV Spot
RFID Chip: NFC Ntag213,Ntag216,Ntag215,Mifare Desfire,MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight,

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What's NFC card and NFC card types 

NFC (Near Field Communication) cards are contactless smart cards that use NFC technology to enable communication between devices when they are in close proximity (usually within a few centimeters). These cards contain an embedded NFC chip, which allows them to interact with NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and NFC readers.
Type of NFC cards:
Classification by material:PVC NFC card,bamboo/wooden NFC card,metal(stainless steel,gold,Titanium,
Classified by chip:MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire NFC card,NXP NTAG213 NFC card,NTAG215 NFC card,NTAG216 NFC card,
Classified by application:NFC business card,nfc card for phone,transportation NFC card,access control NFC card,NFC key cards etc

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Common chips for NFC cards

  1. NXP MIFARE Series:NXP Semiconductors is a major player in the NFC space. The MIFARE series, including MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire, and others, are widely used in NFC cards. MIFARE DESFire, in particular, is known for its advanced security features.

  2. NXP NTAG Series:Another series from NXP is the NTAG series, which includes NTAG213,Ntag215, NTAG216, etc. These chips are commonly used in applications like smart posters, business cards, and consumer electronics.


Different materials NFC cards advantages 

Wooden NFC Card

The advantages of PVC NFC cards are environmental friendliness, support for customization, and natural beauty.

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The advantages of PVC NFC card include high chip compatibility, fast delivery time, low price, customization.

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Metal NFC Card 

Metal cards are very high-end, exquisite, customized craftsmanship, wear resistance, and durability.

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Applications of NFC cards

  1. Contactless Payments

  2. Access Control and Security

  3. Public Transportation

  4. Identification and Authentication

  5. Healthcare

  6. Retail Loyalty Programs

  7. Smart Posters and Advertising

  8. Education

  9. Event Management

  10. Automotive

  11. Smart Homes

  12. Gaming and Entertainment

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Real NFC Cards Show ? 

Metal NFC Cards
Wood NFC Cards
FAQ of PVC NFC card,metal nfc business card,wooden nfc card manufacturer:
Q1: What is an NFC card? A1: An NFC card is a contactless smart card that uses Near Field Communication technology to enable communication with other devices within a close range, typically a few centimeters. It is commonly used for secure data transmission, access control, and contactless payments.
Q2: Are NFC cards compatible with all devices? A2: NFC cards are compatible with devices that support NFC technology. Most modern smartphones, tablets, and contactless payment terminals are NFC-enabled, but it's essential to check the specifications of the specific devices in question.
Q3: What are the commonly used materials for NFC cards?A3:PVC,PETG,WOOD,BAMBOO,Metal,Stainless steel 
Q4:What are the commonly used chips for NFC cards ? A4: Ntag213 144 byte memory,Ntag215 504 bytes memory,Ntag216 888 bytes memory 
Q5:What printing processes are supported by NFC cards ? A5:Offset print ,silk-screen print,digital print,UV spot print 
Q6:What's the MOQ of NFC cards ? A6: the NFC cards MOQ is 100pcs .
Q7: Can an NFC card be recharged or reprogrammed? A7: NFC cards typically cannot be recharged, as they do not have a power source. However, some programmable NFC cards may allow users to update or change the stored information within certain limits.
Q8: Where can I buy the NFC cards ? A8: Ganzhou Anice is a real manufacturer of the nfc cards ,like metal business card,Ntag215 nfc card ,nfc review card,nfc white card,wooden nfc card,you can buy from us .


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