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Product Name pvc print card rfid card ving card manufacturer from China 
Size 85.5*54mm,thickness 0.86mm
Material Full New PVC
Chip MF compatible 1k,MF Ultralight EV1,Classic MF 1K,MF 4K ,MF Desifre,MF Plus ,Ultralight C
Print 4 color Offset print,silk-screen print,digital print 
Encryption Keycard data encryption 
standard ISO14443A, ISO15693, ISO18000-6C,
Application Betech,Bonwin,HUNE ,Digital,MIWA,ORBITA 1213,ORBITA NEW,ACCU,YGS,cisa new ,
Onity lock,card system,hotel door keycard,Encryption card 

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PVC print card rfid card ving card manufacturer from China 

As we known ,different hotel use the different lock systems ,every RFID chip has a unique ID code, the card can be written datas according to customer needs. Based on the characteristics of RFID, the mainstream applications on the market are very extensive,we call the coded cards are encryption cards .

The Encryption card is a hotel keycard with special lock system data encryption ,so that suitable for lock system to open the hotel door .
In normal ,for the RFID encryption cards,the common used chips have MF 1K Classic ,MF 4K Classic ,MF 1K Classic EV1,MF 4K Classic EV1,MF Ultralight EV1,MF Desifre EV1 2K/4K/8K,MF Desifre EV2 2K/4K/8K,and Compatible MF1K,MF Ultralight C,Desfire EV3 2K/4K/8K .

Each hotel has the specail data request ,so we suggest you place mass order after test our rfid contactless smart card samples .
free samples available .

1. Betech
2. Bonwin
3. HUNE 
4. Digital
6. ORBITA 1213
cisa new 
11. SALTO 
12.Ving 1K
13.Ving 4K V1
14. Ving 4K V2
15. Ving UL EV1 OLD
16.  Ving UL EV1 NEW
17. AZANA  Need Hotel ID
18. Hotek advance 
19.Hotek Classic,hotek adv sec9
20 Level=Kale ,Ventaza 
22 Tengo(Custom)  

Besides the rfid contactless smart card,also we could provide other special encryption RFID cards like System Kaba locks, Salto locks,Betech Locks,Onity,HUNE etc 

Welcome to contact us now to get free samples encryption RFID cards .

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