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Product Name: Popular Wooden NFC Card With  Mifare Ntag215 Chip 
Product type: wooden nfc card 
Material: Wood (Black Walnut ,Bamboo ,Birch,Cherry,Beech,Sapele 6 different wood materials)
Size: 85.5*54*1.5mm
Color: Wood original color
Printing: color print ,laser print 
RFID chip: nfc chip ,Ntag213,Ntag215,Ntag216
Application: NFC Business Card,NFC payment card,NFC phone card ,smart NFC card 

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A popular wooden NFC card with the Mifare Ntag215 chip is a type of NFC card that combines the natural and rustic aesthetic of wood with the advanced functionality of the Mifare Ntag215 chip.

The Mifare Ntag215 chip is a widely used NFC chip that supports various NFC applications. It has a memory capacity of 504 bytes and is compatible with most NFC-enabled devices. This chip can be used for various purposes, including contactless payments, access control, loyalty programs, and interactive marketing campaigns.

The wooden NFC card with the Mifare Ntag215 chip offers a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic NFC cards. It combines the convenience of contactless technology with the warmth and beauty of wood. The wooden casing can be customized with engravings or prints, allowing for a personalized and distinctive design.

When choosing a popular wooden NFC card with the Mifare Ntag215 chip, it's important to ensure that the card is made with high-quality wood and that the chip is genuine and compatible with NFC devices. It is recommended to consult with a reputable card manufacturer or supplier who specializes in wooden NFC cards to ensure the card's functionality, durability, and performance.

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Metal NFC card 
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Paper NFC card 
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Business NFC card 
Payment NFC card 
membership nfc card 

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