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Product Name: Kids Play Tents
Article No.: Anice-P27131
Size:  Φ125X137cm
Weight: 1.25kg
Material: Polyester peach-skin fabric、Mesh、Fiber glass pole、Elastic steel wire
Certificate: FCC,CPC
Application: Kids toy space,kids fun,kids play

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About this kind kids play tents:
-Foldable and easy to use-a safe place to play indoors and outdoors, this foldable toy tent can be folded into a flat shape and is easy to store in a place out of reach of children after the game time is over. In addition, this outdoor play tent is light and easy to carry, and it is very practical for babies, toddlers and young children, so it can be carried with you.

-Our this type kids play tents Enough to accommodate multiple children-this pop-up tent is large enough to accommodate three or more children, toys and other children’s furniture. Not only that, it is high enough to provide adequate air circulation while making it easier for adults to supervise children.

-This Play Tents Suitable for indoor and outdoor use-this durable play tent can be set up almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, so that adults can give their children their own private space so that they can have fun. At the same time, this pop-up game tent can make it easier for parents to monitor the safety of their children while playing games.

High-quality materials-our rocket ship play tent can encourage physical play and stimulate imagination, while ensuring the safety of indoor children. The breathable material of this foldable play tent is made of a strong, easy-to-clean fabric, which is water-resistant, non-toxic and safe for children. It also keeps children cool when playing indoors.

The perfect gift for any occasion-let your child's imagination spread in their own rocket game house. Whether you are looking for exquisite gifts for children, children of friends or relatives, this show "Tent" is an ideal gift. It can not only put a smile on their little faces, but also make their parents happy. !

Anice Technology as the professional manufacturer of the kids play tents for many years,has strictly quality control for the kids play tents .

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