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R20D is a high performance 125Khz RFID Reader without driver, reader distance up to 80mm, it’s not only simple aspect, but also stable and reliable data. Widely used for RFID Radio Frequency Identification system and project, Such as Automated parking management system, Personal identification, Access controller, Production Access control, etc.

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RFID 125KHz RFID Reader name:
R60D Long Range 125KHz RFID Reader for Android Phone or Computer USB RFID Reader

Ⅱ Instructions for use
Method of installation and use

1. Connect with computer through USB interface directly. When the buzzer sounded, reader into the self-inspection. And the same time, LED turn into red means standby.
2. Open the output of computer software,such as Notepada word document or Excel sheets.
3. The mouse in Notepad or WORD document clicking.
4. Put tag on the top of reader, the software will output a data(card number) of the tag. When reading the tag, LED light change from red to green.
Detecting device is connected
Open the Device Manager of computer, If appears Humans Input Device that means Reader has successfully into computer.

Ⅲ Precautions
1. Do not install the reader on the magnetic objects and metal objects, they will seriously affect the RF signal.
2. If after reading, the tag is still in the induction zone, the RF reader will not send data and without any hints.
Ⅳ Common problems

1. Operation without feedback: Please check whether the interface plugged in, whether the tag is a valid or whether another RF tag is within the reading range.
2. Data error: Please check Whether the mouse is moved, whether the reader is in a critical state and whether the cable length is too long.

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