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The R36-2D QR code + access control RFID credit card reader is a new generation of multifunctional reader developed by our company. The appearance of the product adopts the standard 86 box industry standard. It has fast scanning speed, high recognition rate, strong compatibility, and can be connected to any support. The controller with root input is suitable for various application scenarios. At present, it is widely used in business office building visitor entry management, scenic tourist staff management, community visitor entry and exit management, administrative hall access control management, supporting gates, access control, visitor machines, smart homes, etc.; it is a perfect upgrade for traditional credit card systems in various industries.

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RFID credit card reader name:
New Cheap Selling Waterproof  R36-2D QR code Access Control RFID Credit Card Reader

Basic parameters:
project parameter project parameter
Card reader type EM card or Mifare card Barcode type QR, one/two-dimensional code
communication method Wiegand 26/34/RS232/RS485/TTL Decoding mode Image decoding
Reading direction (bar code) Angle 45° with the lens as the center point Scan code characteristics Automatic induction, buzzer prompt
Operating Voltage 8-12V Working current 800mA
Card reading distance (card) 3~6CM Reading speed <200ms
Reading distance (QR code) 0-20cm Material quality Zinc alloy frame + acrylic panel
Working humidity 10%~90% Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
operating system WindowsXP/7/8/10), Linux Size 86mm×86mm×18mm
Indicator light Blue work light, green feedback light Weight 150G
other Light: Standby state: blue light is always on; card reading/scan code state: green light is on for about 0.5s
Built-in horn: buzzer

Line sequence definition:
Wiegand 26/34 RS485 RS232
Red line: 12v Red line: 12v Red line: 12v
Black wire: GND Black wire: GND Black wire: GND
Green line: D0 Brown wire: 485A Blue line: RX
White line: D1 Orange: 485B Yellow line: TX

1. The access control reader cannot store user data and information, and cannot add card users, password users, and fingerprint users. It is only an expanded card or password unlocking tool, which needs to rely on access control integrated machines, card time attendance machines, multi-door controllers and other equipment to use.
2. When installing/removing, please turn off the power first and do not operate with power.
3. The maximum reading distance is in a non-interference environment, the card reader is installed in the correct way, and the card is measured parallel to the surface of the card reader, any electromagnetic interference environment will affect the reading distance.
4. Do not install the card reader on the surface of magnetic or metal objects. Magnetic and metal materials will seriously affect the RF signal
5. Do not install the card reader near devices that produce interference electromagnetic fields, such as motors, AC/DC converters, UPS, relays etc.
6. The power supply should ensure sufficient power, try to use a linear power supply, and the door lock and controller should be powered separately. Install the power supply as close as possible to the electrical equipment to avoid interference and transmission loss.
7. It is recommended to pay attention to separate the strong and weak current when wiring, and the separation requirement is greater than 20cm. The power cord should be a multi-stranded wire with a sufficiently thick wire diameter.



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