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Product: MF Ntag213/215/216 HF Mifare Stickers
Chip IC: NTAG® 215 (NTAG® is the registered trade mark of NXP B.V, is used under license)
Read Range  1-5CM(Fixed Reader)
Substrate Material PVC/Polyester Film(PET )
Antenna Material Aluminum Etching 
Surface Material PAPER/PVC/PET
Open Frequency  13.0MHZ ~14.5MHZ
Protocol ISO15693
Programming Cycle         100,000 cycles 
Operating Temperature -25ºC~75ºC  
Storage Temperature 0ºC~25ºC 
Volume Number   2000~3000PCS(According to Actual Demand)
Application  stick on cellphone

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RFID / NFC sticker is also called radio frequency sticker, intelligent tag. RFID / NFC sticker contains RFID / NFC chip. RFID is used as the basic technology to complete data storage, reading and other operations. Data is stored in RFID / NFC chip. Different from other tags, we use RFID / Mifare Stickers. Generally, we don't need to see where the sticker is, as long as we know where it is located. This is because RFID / NFC stickers communicate with the corresponding RFID / NFC reader and writer equipment by sending and receiving a specific frequency of radio frequency (a kind of electromagnetic wave), and they are penetrating. They don't need to be like barcode tags or lasers As with tags, they need to be exposed so that the corresponding device can scan and read them.


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