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KN95 Mask
Item: Medical face mask
Material: pp non-stick non-woven facric,high-effcience electrostatic melt-blown facric,ES heat-seal cotton non-woven facric,
Size: adult,children
Color: white/grey/blue or customized
Standard: GB2626-2006 ,EN149:2001
Certification: EU CE,ISO9001:2015,SA8000
Application: Fog/Non-oily particulate matter/Dust protection
Packing: mask standard or customized 

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Now the COVID-19 virus spread fastly in the world ,our company had one full automatically production line of produce the KN95 mask ,N95 mask,disposable mask .welcome to contact us order the face mask .

What's the difference between N95 and KN95 face mask ?
Kn95 mask:
Kn95 mask is actually a mask that meets the requirements of GB2626 standard in China, which means national standard. The standard is that the filtration efficiency of non oil particles is ≥ 95%.
N95 mask:
N95 mask is NIOSH certified in the United States, and the same standard is that the filtration efficiency of non oil particles ≥ 95%.

What's the advantages of N95/KN95 face mask compare to the disposable face mask?
A novel coronavirus can be effectively prevented by N95 respirator.
the normal disposable mask main functions that is warm and dust proof.

How to Wear: In addition to the filtering efficiency of N95 mask, the tightness between mask and face is one of the important factors determining the use effect of mask. Different types of mask have great differences in the suitability with human face. Therefore, before using the mask, the suitability test of the mask should be carried out first. When testing the tightness of the wearer's face, make sure that the air can pass through the mask when it is close to the edge of the face.
Wash your hands before wearing the mask, or avoid touching the inner side of the mask during wearing, so as to reduce the possibility of contamination of the mask.
Distinguish the inside and outside, up and down of the mask.
Do not use your hands to squeeze the mask. N95 mask can only isolate the virus on the surface of the mask. If you use your hands to squeeze the mask, the virus will soak through the mask with the droplets, which is easy to cause virus infection.
Try to make the mask and face have a good fit. The simple test method is: after wearing the mask, exhale hard, and the air can't leak from the edge of the mask.
The protective mask must be close to the user's face, and the user must shave off his beard to ensure that the mask can close to the face. The beard and anything between the mask gasket and the face will cause the mask to leak.
After adjusting the position of the mask according to the shape of your face, use your index fingers to press the nose clip along the upper edge of the mask to make it close to your face.


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