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Product Name: Kids Teepee Play Tent
Article No.: Anice-PT001
Package Size:  19 x 19 x 4 inches
Weight: 6.09 pounds
Material: Polyester peach-skin fabric、Mesh、Fiber glass pole、Elastic steel wire
Certificate: FCC,CPC
Application: kids play,for kids spare time

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Kids Teepee Play Tent
1. Why do children like tents?

1. From a psychological point of view, children do not like too much space. The space of the tent is small, which gives them a sense of security. This is also the reason why children (when they are upset or sad) always like to drill into the cabinet, which will make their hearts relatively quiet in a relatively small space.

2. In terms of hands-on, children like things built by themselves or their parents, which makes him feel a sense of accomplishment or pride. This is why kindergartens always like to hold some interactions between children and parents, so that children can interact with each other. Parents increase their sense of closeness.

3. From the children’s vision, they can see small beds, small tents, and small chairs. They will use and approach unconsciously. Furniture suitable for children's body shape and color interests will make them more comfortable to use. The small space in the tent will also give the child a sense of protection.

From the perspective of educational theory, children's psychological and physical feelings, if you can build a play tent in the children's room, it has the following advantages: meeting children's needs for space exploration, allowing children to have more safe caves, and increasing intimate memories of personal interaction .

To give children a happy childhood, an exclusive space, a small tent is really the best choice! The little princess, the little prince’s dream, starts here!


Our Kids Tents Features:
-Portable,Small and simple packaging, easy to carry
-Good quality and breathable fabric, good for children’s health
-Cartoon design and printing enhance children's interest.
-Easy installation, save time at home.
-The combination of sports and intelligence can enhance children's intelligence and vitality.
-There are many styles to meet the preferences of children.
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor use,play at anywhere.

In a corner of the house, prepare a small tent for the baby, and create an exclusive space for the baby. Every time I play in it, I believe there will be another fun.

Ganzhou Anice Technology limited specilized in the kids teepee play tents for many years,our main tents in clude:
Kids play tents
kids beach tents
kids camp tents
kids sleep tents
If you have any doubt or requirements for the kids play tents ,contact us freely ,thanks a lot !

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