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 Guiter Shape Fidget Customized Pattern Bubble Fidget KidsToy Antistress. As we all konw, this kind of toy has mutifunction , for example, reduce your pressure , education brain training and relieving, etc.What 's the most important, the silicone material fidget toy have acceptable price to sell. By the way, if you want to have your own design fidget toy, please contact with us! It's our pleasure to help you make your style fidget toys.

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 Kids Toy Antistress Background Link to Our Daily Life
With the development of economic and technology, although our life get obvious beneficial change , like convient transportation. However, the coin has two sides, the pressure we unddertake is more and more than our exception so that we can ' t have health mental ,even a strong boby-building.
When we are in strength pressure, there is no doubt that we should deal with this problem as quickly as we can.
Nowadays, using less than one dollar to relieving stress and anxiety can also make a difference for your all kinds of annoyed pressure burde. With kids toy antistress,not only you can throw away mental rubbish, but also can you transfer positive power to your friends around and improve you force attention.Although it is named kids fidget toy, they are also popular among the adults.
you can easy fideas for the play rulers, if you are interested in fidget relieving toys, please read our text pictures carefully. By the way, if you want to acknowledge more information, contact with us!
 Guiter Shape Fidget Customized Pattern Bubble Fidget KidsToy Antistress.

This Eco-friendly Silicone Kids Fidget Toy  made of environment silicone ,no bad smell ,no harm to the kids .this is a unzip the toy,through paly this small toy ,could make the kids more realx and enjoy the fun.

Our fidget toy features
1. Environmentally friendly high-quality silicone material, odorless, does not harm children's skin.
2. New mold, accurate cutting, excellent workmanship, no margins, no scratching.
3. The shape and size are ergonomic, safe and reliable.
4. The fidget toy is small in size and light in weight, convenient and easy to carry.
5. The rules are simple and easy to understand and you can choose the difficulty and easy, adults and children can play.
6. Professional fidget toy OEM service, size, color, shape, logo can be customized.

The Eco-friendly Silicone Kids Fidget Toy design concept is to exercise the logical thinking ability of children and adolescents. For children and adolescents, how to cleverly arrange to force their opponents to press the last mouse requires a global planning ability and strong mental arithmetic ability; they are very light and can be carried around anytime and anywhere.

Anice Technology is a OEM factory of the fidget toy ,there many shape,color and sizes could be choosed,Contact with us to get the fidget toy catalogue and the price list 

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