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W10DQ is a 125Khz desktop Reader&Writer of T5577&EM4305&HitagS2048 etc. tags. It’s easy to operation, not only can Writable the EM4305/T5577or Hitags2048 cards. Widely used for RFID Radio Frequency Identification system and project, Such as charge system, check-ins system etc.

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RFID credit card reader name:
China factory 13.56MHZ RFID Credit Card Reader and Writer for Multiple Chips

 Size  110mm×80mm×26mm
 Colour   Black
 Interface  USB
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Operating Distance  0mm-100mm(related to the card or the environment)
 Service Temperature  -10℃ ~ +70℃
 Store Temperature  -20℃ ~ +80℃
 Working humidity  <90%
 Read time  <200ms
 Read interval  <0.5S
 Weight  About 160G
 Cable length  1400mm
 Material of reader  ABS
 Operating System  Win XPWin CEWin 7Win 10LIUNXVistaAndroid
 Development Kit  SDK files(Linux Jave,Linux QT,Delphi,VC6.0,C#,VB language are available )
 Indicators  Double Color LED (Red & Green) and Buzzer
   (“Red” means standby, “Green” means reader success)

Ⅱ Instructions for use and Precautions
Step 1  Please install the virtual serial port driver for the first time(Driver name is PL2303);
Step 2  Connect with computer through USB interface directly. When the buzzer sounded, Device into the self-inspection. And the same time, green light turn into red means standby.
Step 3  Openning the Demo(RFID_APP_EN.exe) and Writing the data by self.
Item Parameters
Model W10DQ
Frequency 125Khz & 134.2Khz
Support cards Hitags2048/T5557/ATA5567/ATA5577/EM4305/ etc
Size 110Mmm×80mm×26mm
Colour Black
Interface Virtual serial port(USB to RS232)
Power Supply DC 5V
Operating Distance 0mm-50mm(related to the card or the environment)
Service Temperature -10℃ ~ +70℃
Store Temperature -20℃ ~ +80℃
Working humidity <90%
Read time <200ms
Read interval 0.5S
Weight About 160G
Cable length 1400mm
Material of reader ABS
Operating System Win XPWin CEWin 7Win 10LIUNXVistaAndroid
Indicators Double Color LED (Red & Green) and Buzzer

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