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Cool Automatic Camouflage Bubble Maker Gatling Gun Kids Toys Gift Outdoor Bubble Gun for Kids and Pets

Children's Gatling Bubble Gun has 8 bubble wands and a lamp, which can blow out hundreds of colorful bubbles per minute. It looks brighter under Gatling lights. It is fun to play with these bubbles. This high-quality children's toy gun adopts Gatling appearance, cool in shape, different to attract children's preferences, but also attract their own attention.

The Bubble Machine Gun can also be used as a small fan. The fan is installed inside. When you feel tired after chasing and playing with bubbles, or when you feel hot and sweating, the bubble Gatling gun can be used as a small fan. You bring a cool and comfortable breeze, which brings you comfort. The fan is made of soft sponge rotor blades, which is safe for you and your children.

The Gatling Bubble Gun has an interesting and innovative Gatling gun design, which greatly replicates Gatling's gun style and promotes children's progress, imagination and creativity. This bubble blowing gun is a fun interactive toy, and it can also be used as a birthday gift for your beloved child. The Gatling bubble gun toy can make you and your child have a long time.


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Cool Automatic Bubble Maker Gatling Gun Kids Toys Gift Outdoor Bubble Gun for Kids and Pets

Gatling bubble machine has the latest design and lights, blowing out hundreds of colorful bubbles, under the light of the Gatling bubble machine, it looks gorgeous in the dark. This bubble machine gun can bring endless fun to your children. Imagine being filled with children’s smiles, laughter and bubble joy! It is very suitable for holiday gifts or fun summer activities! This toy includes 1 bubble gun and 1 bubble solution and spare board, with 8-hole large nozzle, spray a lot of bubbles. You only need to install three AA batteries (batteries not included), just pour bubble water on the spare board, immerse the muzzle of the bubble gun in the bubble water, and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time. It will ensure everyone's safety while enjoying endless fun! 

Automatic Bubble Gun

For kids it is hard to blow the bubble from the wands by the mouth but this gatling bubble machine has a cool design and it is easy to make bubbles automatically with this bubble blaster gun. Kids will so exciting when they make rich bubbles pour out of the eight bubble wands and this bubble haven machine is easy to hold and grip for them.

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