Product Description

 Product UHF MF Alien H3 Chip ABS 1# RFID Keyfobs 
 Material ABS
 Size 45x31x5.5mm
 Chip MF Alien H3,9662,Monza 3,Monza 4,
 Color Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, White, Orange, Green, etc.
 Operating Range 0-10m (depending on the hardware)
 Chip Standards  ISO 18000-6C / EPC Class 1 Gen2
 Crafts Silk Screen Printing, Laser Engraved Number, Serial Number, Spray Printed Number, Epoxy, etc.
 Applications Access Control & Security, Loyalty System, Parking Management, Time Attendance, etc.

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Product Detail

What's the RFID Keyfobs ?
UHF RFID Key tag combine the RFID technology with good looking and practical keyfob housings. They can easily be fitted to a normal key ring.
The keyfob encompasses RFID technology with the ability to customize to a customer's specifications. Users may choose from various colors and even add a corporate logo or design.
Serial numbers may also be printed for easy identification. T
The UHF Adhesive Anti-metal RFID Tags is made of ABS, so it is very robust and fully waterproof. The keyfob has a length of 40 mm, a width of 32 mm and a thickness of 4.3 mm overall. Additionally, the keyfob has a ring out of metal,
so it can be attached at a key ring. The NFC microchip is integrated inside the product.

Features & functions

The keyfob with the 890-960MHz UHF RFID Alien H3 chip, which has a memory capacity of 512 Bits and can be encoded up to 100,000 on this chip is stored at least for 10 years. 


These are a few examples for possible applications of the keyfob.
  -      Control access indoors and outdoors
  -      Record working times (e.g. on construction sites)
  -      smart ticketing systems for public transport
  -      contactless payment systems
  -      Time attendance


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