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R58D is a 13.56MHz specialized IC reader, combined with RFID radio frequency technology and Bluetooth communication. Low power consumption, up to 1 year long standby time, no need traditional wired date transmission, also no need additional power supply (built-in Li-battery), just need Bluetooth pairing between receiving device and reader, then it will transmit the UID of RFID card to devices directly.

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rfid reader writer
Long Range 13.56MHz rfid reader writer Blue-tooth RFID Credit Card Reader With Android ISO Mobile Phone

 Size  110mm×80mm×26mm
 Colour   Black
 Interface  USB
 Power Supply  DC 5V
 Operating Distance  0mm-100mm(related to the card or the environment)
 Service Temperature  -10℃ ~ +70℃
 Store Temperature  -20℃ ~ +80℃
 Working humidity  <90%
 Read time  <200ms
 Read interval  <0.5S
 Weight  About 160G
 Cable length  1400mm
 Material of reader  ABS
 Operating System  Win XPWin CEWin 7Win 10LIUNXVistaAndroid
 Development Kit  SDK files(Linux Jave,Linux QT,Delphi,VC6.0,C#,VB language are available )
 Indicators  Double Color LED (Red & Green) and Buzzer
   (“Red” means standby, “Green” means reader success)

4  Notes
This reader is only suitable for 13.56MHz IC card, not for Bluetooth card (2.4GHz)
When reading card date, please adjust system language to English of phone or other device, so as to output date more completely.
For correct reading, recommend to move card to reader front panel normally, not fast sliding at side panel which may fail to read.
Attached cable not for date communication, only for reader charging.
Real reading distance may differ due to many affecting factors, like different protocols, different aerial design, different environment nearby (mainly metals), different cards, etc.
Built-in sleep system. When reader not used, into auto sleep after 50 seconds, if need restarting, press button for 4 seconds in 5 minutes after sleeping, reader will be back to working state.


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