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Product  125KHz LF Proximity Card With UID Number Print
Material PVC,Plastic,PET,PET-G,ABS
Size 85.5*54mm
Thinkness 1.8mm
Chip EM4200/EM4305 compatible,TK4100
Number print  UID code,squency number 
Number print way  flat,UV,inkjet,laser,embossed number
Packing 100pcs/box,2000pcs/carton
MOQ 500pcs

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Minorder 1

Product Detail

As we known,the proximity card have the different frequency ,125KHz low frequency ,13.56MHz high frequency ,and 890-960MHz Ultra frequency,the125KHz LF Proximity Card frequency is 125KHz,the card is blank card without any offset print or silk-screen print ,

Features: ordinary type card, thin card, with ID number, can be placed inside the wallet can carry direct print photos.
Chip: TK4100,EM4200,T5577,EM4305,HID
Operating frequency: 125KHZ
Read distance: 1-20cm
Size: 85.5x54x0.86mm
Packaging materials: PVC, ABS
Typical applications: patrol system, time and attendance systems, access control systems, enterprise card systems and other radio frequency identification

ID thick card: thickness 1.8mm, the size of the standard card size, with ID number, with a portable hole, you can print LOGO or text information on the card surface.
ID standard thin card: thickness 0.86mm, the size of the standard card, you can offset, screen printing, print photos

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