Wooden NFC Cards Advantages

Why buy a wooden NFC card?
Simply put, it has multiple advantages in both functionality and aesthetics. Wooden cards have unique natural characteristics that cannot be imitated by ABS, PVC, and metal cards.
More sustainable
Any entrepreneur or freelancer who needs a business card and wants to be environmentally friendly needs a sustainable NFC card. Although recycling plastic can help reduce plastic waste, processed cards may still be buried. However, wooden cards are different.
Wooden NFC cards are made of wood, so they are biodegradable and flammable. If the card is thrown away or lost, it can be biodegradable without causing pollution. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, even in the smallest possible way, using wooden NFC business cards instead of traditional paper or other cards is still a great way.
Most cards come from renewable forests
Because the wood used to make wooden cards comes from felled trees, people may think that you have only damaged the environment in order to obtain a wooden card. This is not the case, as most of these cards come from renewable forests.
If you purchase a wooden card from Anice, you have contributed to the company's tree planting plan. Each order is equivalent to a tree planted through Ecologi. A tree can be used to make countless wooden cards, and a wooden card can be used to plant a tree.
Multiple customization options
Wooden NFC cards can be laser engraved or UV printed. Anice's custom card uses the NTAG216/213/215 NXP chip, which can be used as a digital business card without the need for online configuration files. At the same time, it allows cardholders to print ultraviolet rays on matte black wooden cards. Thanks to the combination of white ink and black cards, the generated cards will have an advanced appearance.
Wooden NFC cards can be cherry wood, bamboo, black bamboo, white oak, maple, and walnut. Different types of wood mean different good-looking wooden tiles.
NFC card with special appearance
As mentioned above, there can be many different types of wooden cards, allowing you to have a card with a unique appearance according to your own specifications. If your company or you need a black card that matches your brand, then a black bamboo and wood card is perfect.
When using wooden cards, you have many choices, and showcasing your wooden cards in meetings may leave a deep impression on the people you want to meet. If you all want to reduce your carbon footprint, you must have a wooden NFC card as a declaration.
NFC cards can come in different material types, and wooden cards are one of the most environmentally friendly choices. Different industries are already using NFC tags, and some companies may also use NFC cards in their operations.
If you are looking for customized wooden NFC cards, you need to find reliable NFC suppliers like Anice Technology. Please contact us to obtain your customized NFC tags and cards as soon as possible to meet your business or personal needs.
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