Why are children so obsessed with tents | child play tent

The tent satisfies the child's psychological appeal very well. A sense of security, independence, and openness. 1: The tent has a cute shape and is more attractive than ordinary houses. Various styles and themes can be made according to the child's preferences to satisfy the child's curiosity. 2: The tent provides children with an "independent play space". They may have lived in the same room with adults before, but in the tent, they can hide and carry out their own activities out of the eyes of the adults. 3: The tent can shelter from the wind and rain, providing children with a "safe space". When they encounter unknown and risky things from the outside world, they can quickly hide in the tent, just like hiding back in the arms of their mother. Compared with ordinary houses, tents have a much smaller space, but on the contrary, there is a kind of "wrapped feeling", and the safety experience is more sufficient. ——Children who come out of their mother’s belly will be obsessed with small spaces for a long time. Such as hiding in cabinets, corners, including tents. This is closer to the "safe space" that they are familiar with instinctively. 4: Although tents are closed and have a sense of security, they also take into account the "openness". Compared with houses, they are less separated from the outside world and are closer to the outside world. Can satisfy the child's desire to explore. The tent can be set up in any space like the park grass that children like. Most of the tents have a skylight. You can see the sky when you lie down. Although it is safely wrapped, you can still feel close to the world. In the tent, you can open the small curtain, stick your head out, and observe the outside world. Without any door locks, you can come out of the tent at any time. The tent and the ground are directly attached to the ground. These characteristics make the tent a kind of "transitional space" between "nature" and "artificial residence." It fits children's curiosity and desire to explore.
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