Where to put the children's tent|children's play tent

1. Room corner
Put a tent in a corner of the room. It is a small cylindrical tent instead of a triangular tent, which can save space. The top of the original pattern is matched with the white curtain, which complements the color of the entire space.

2. In the attic
The small tent placed in the attic will be very popular with children. When children climb up to the attic, the small space will also become a small world for children. The whole space is colorful and inspires unlimited imagination of children.

3. Next to the sofa
Even older children will like the world built by tents, and put up a big tent on the sofa next to the study. You can read in it, and you can take a nap inside when you are tired of reading, which is comfortable and at ease.

4. Living room corner
Use a corner of the living room to put a tent. The white tent and the sofa are in the same color, matching the zebra-patterned carpet, which is very coordinated. When the adult sits on the sofa to rest, let the children play on the side and take care of the children from time to time.

5. On the sofa
A room with dreamy colors, the tall tent on the sofa leads directly to the roof, and the white curtains and curtains are similar in texture, light and elegant. The decoration of branches on the roof brings a natural atmosphere to the room.

6. By the fireplace
The dark fireplace is matched with the tent on the side, so that the whole space is filled with a simple atmosphere. The design of the background wall above the fireplace is very artistic. The small chair in front of the fireplace adds to the rustic atmosphere of the room.

7. Bed
Put the tent directly on the bed, the small bed is a small world, and the child will definitely love to sleep more. The yellow backing curtain and the color of the wall complement each other. Draw patterns on each side of the tent, which is vivid and interesting. The branch hook design on the wall increases children's interest in organizing things.