What is the most important thing about child play tent

The entire tent is very light, only 1.41KG in total. Each tent is also equipped with a storage bag, which is similar to a larger umbrella. It can be picked up with one hand and placed in a corner without occupying any space. .
Moreover, this tent can not only be used as a playhouse indoors, but also can be used as a tent outdoors. You can usually take your children out to play games with your friends. If you are tired, you can use it as a small bed and sleep in it. For a while, very practical.
This tent has a large chassis and spacious space. Now there are more and more second-child or even third-child families. A children’s tent is often used by two or three children together. Sometimes the children will invite other friends, or Mom and Dad go in to play, especially in three-child families like ours. A tent that is too small is useless at all, but it will cause a fight between the children. Therefore, when I chose the tent, the size of the tent was also an important consideration.
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