What are the packaging forms of rfid electronic tag?

What are the packaging forms of RFID electronic tags? In fact, there are many packaging forms of RFID electronic tags, and they are not restricted by size and standard shape. Their composition is also very different. Different packages are used mainly according to the different characteristics of the application and the use environment. form. Generally, there are three categories that can be seen in the application cases. Among them, the package of the heterogeneous type is even more varied.
Packaging form of rfid electronic tag:

  1, cards (PVC, paper, other)

 Laminated type: There are two types of melting pressure and sealing pressure. Melt pressing is made by heating and pressing the INLAY sheet in the center layer and the upper and lower sheets of PVC material. The P V C material and I N L A Y are fused and punched into the size as specified in ISO7816.

 Gluing type: It uses paper or other materials to glue the upper and lower materials of the Transponder into one by cold glue, and then die-cut them into cards of various sizes.

  2, label class

 Paste type: The finished products it manufactures can be made into the form of labels that can be lifted manually or by a labeling machine, which is the most mainstream product in practical applications. Such as aviation luggage tags, pallet tags, etc.

 Tag type: Corresponding to clothing and articles using tag products, it is characterized by compact size and recyclability.

  3, aliens

 Metal surface setting type: Many electronic tags will be affected by metal to varying degrees and cannot work normally. This type of label is specially processed, can be used on metal and can be read and written.

  Wristband type: It can be used once (such as medical) or reused (such as playground).

 Animal and plant use type: The packaging form can be injection glass tube, hanging ear tag, buckle foot ring, etc. RFID electronic label technology has been increasingly recognized by the market with its own proprietary characteristics and wide applicability. With the further improvement of chip manufacturing technology and packaging technology, as well as the maturity of information related to packaging equipment and materials, electronic tags will surely shine in the near future.