What are the benefits of play tent house

Children's toy tents, whether used indoors or outdoors, are also called children's tent houses, playrooms, and doll houses. Can be used for children's play, parent-child interaction, etc.
This tent has a very large open space, and it is very space-saving to put it away. It is very light to lift it with a storage bag. It weighs only 3 bottles of mineral water, and children can carry it on their own when they go out.
Some tents are particularly boring, and I sweat profusely when I stay in them for a while in summer. This game tent has mesh windows on the top and both sides. The transparent model with windows on three sides is not stuffy.
The fine mesh can also prevent mosquitoes and insects, and it is very comfortable to sleep in it when you are tired.
The internal space is spacious enough, with a length of 120 cm × a width of 120 cm × a height of 110 cm.
The child puts a lot of toys in, and there is no problem with an adult sitting in it.
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