Understand the different classifications of outdoor tents

Outdoor tents are a good helper for us outdoors. It is not unimportant to provide us with a shelter from the wind and rain in harsh environments. This equipment knowledge will help you understand outdoor tents.

According to the number of people: divided into single tents, double tents, three tents, multi-person tents.

According to travel mode: 1, family leisure account (self-driving account)

Features: Family leisure tents are generally set up in parks or suburban green areas. They are not waterproof and only used for shading. Self-driving tents are generally large in size, high in comfort, and have unparalleled quality (10 kg is not a problem)

2. Hiking camping tent

Features: breathable, light, windproof and rainproof. It is the first choice for backpackers. It is also divided into three-season tents and four-season tents. The four-season tents have stronger protective effects, snow pressure resistance, and a certain degree of warmth.

Mountain tent (belonging to the four seasons tent in the trekking camp)

Features: The structure is more complex, stronger, capable of carrying heavy storms and snow, and heavier than traditional four-season tents. Generally, there is a snow skirt for storing equipment.

A good tent should have good comfort, strong protection, moderate volume after packaging, high durability, and of course the best thing is to have a certain beauty. Good comfort comes from the large and reasonable use of space. However, the size of the space is directly proportional to the size of the weight, so a good tent should achieve a perfect balance between space and weight. In addition, the ventilation system also affects the comfort. Strong protection comes from wind, rain, mosquito, ventilation, mountain nets must also be resistant to strong wind and snow.