The Use of NFC inlays

NCF is an emerging technology. Devices using NFC technology can exchange data when they are close to each other. It is evolved from the integration of non-contact radio frequency identification and interconnection technology. It integrates sensing on a single chip. The functions of a card reader, an inductive card and a point-to-point communication. NFC inlays manufactured using NFC technology are being used in many electronic devices.
The first application field should be regarded as the transportation field. Before the advent of mobile payment and bus cards, people had to bring a lot of scattered money to travel, which was very inconvenient. With the emergence of NFC inlays, a large number of bus cards using NFC inlays have emerged, which facilitates people's travel.

The second is to pay for use. NFC payment mainly refers to applications where a mobile phone with NFC function is virtualized into a bank card, all-in-one card, etc. The application of NFC virtual into bank card is called open loop application. Ideally, a mobile phone with NFC function can be used as a bank card to swipe the mobile phone on POS machines in supermarkets and shopping malls.

The third is the security field. NFC security applications are mainly to virtualize mobile phones into access control cards, electronic tickets, etc. The NFC virtual access card is to write the existing access card data into the NFC of the mobile phone, so that the access control function can be realized by using the mobile phone without using a smart card. This is not only very convenient for the configuration, monitoring and modification of the access control, but also can be remotely modified. And configuration, such as temporarily distributing credential cards when needed. The application of NFC virtual electronic ticket is that after the user purchases the ticket, the ticketing system sends the ticket information to the mobile phone. The mobile phone with NFC function can virtualize the ticket information into an electronic ticket, and you can directly swipe the mobile phone during ticket checking.