The Development History of Triangle Hammock Tent Manufacturers

TRILLIUM is TENTSILE's triangular hammock! It is one of the most durable hammocks on the market, offering unprecedented safety, stability and comfort.

Set up one, two or three hammocks underneath your TENTSILE aerial tent and build yourself an outdoor sky-high villa.TRILLIUM's base cloth is rip resistant. It can be set up as long as it finds three strong points of support, such as three trees or cars, large stones, etc.

In 1983, a six-year-old London boy, Alex, saw a BBC report on the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. A few weeks later, his grandmother took him to see Star Wars vi, and the treehouse in the movie gave Alex the idea that if trees are valuable to humans, our forests will survive deforestation.
Years later, Alex became an architect and developed a small space in the air using only three tensed points. Thus began Tentsile's design and development.

In April 2012, Alex worked with designer and co-developer Kirk Kirchev to turn the concept into a consumer product -- a simpler, lighter, leaner, and more affordable model for mass production. This was Tentsile's first aerial tent, the Stingray, and since then has been a series of other aerial tents and hammocks, which have continued to be developed to this day, and each sale has been backed by donations to to plant trees.

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