The attention for family beach tent

Matters needing attention in the scope of use:

Any product has a certain range of use, in this range of normal use is no problem, but if beyonding the range is likely to cause damage to the product. A friend spent a lot of money to buy a three-season tent of a first-line brand, because he thought that the tent with a high price should be powerful. As a result, the tent was damaged when it was used in mountaineering activities at high altitude, and then he complained that the tent was not good. I actually want to ask, if you buy a Ferrari to Motuo, the results can be imagined, so is thihs  the problem of the car or the problem of the people? Therefore, it is very necessary to use equipment in the correct range of use.

Packing notes:

A lot of people’s packaging technology is limited, or by the influence of some film and television works feel that the plug-in equipment is cool, like/used to plug in the equipment, and plug in the most equipment, non damp mat and tent. I've always been against the idea of plug-ins, not only because they increase the risk of crossing dangerous roads, but also the equipment is easily lost or damaged. Think about it, in many outdoor routes, we often frequently rub rub hanging tent, thick fabric such as backpack and need to use backpack cover for protection, so the fabric is far thinner than the backpack tent, the chance of being hung bad is also can imagine. Tent fabric is hanging bad is basically classified as man-made damage, which almost all the brands will not give free maintenance. So we must improve packaging technology, get rid of the habit of equipment plug-in but develop the good habit of all equipment instead;

Tips for campsite:

Many friends in the camp when the requirements of the ground is not high, as long as the level off is OK, but the ground of small sharp items cleaning is often ignored. However, it is very important to clear the sharp items on the ground of the camp. Now, many of the tents are lightweight, with very thin fabrics and limited strength. If the sharp stones, branches and grass roots on the ground are not cleared in time, it is likely to cause the bottom of the tent to be pierced. My own habit was to kneel on the floor cloth and run it through with my hands to see if there were any sharp objects under it. If so, it must have been cleaned up before I set up my tent, like family beach tent.

Poles attention:

The main reason for not using the pin correctly is that the pin and the pin are not inserted in the end. Every two tent poles must be fully inserted when connected, and not only inserted in part.

Attention for tent inside:

This part mainly refers to the need to pay attention ,don’t let sharp items in the inside and outside of the tent, do not develop a good habit of lighting up (dealt with a lot of tent smoking hot tent cases), in the case of not necessary as far as possible not to use fire in the tent. It is a very dangerous thing to use fire in the tent. The vast majority of tent silicone fabrics will be lit as soon as there is a spark. If the fire in the tent burns the tent, it is a small matter, but it is really terrible to cause a fire. So unless absolutely necessary, do not develop the habit of using fire in the account, even if it is in the account with fire, we must pay attention to safety, do a good job of standby measures (such as ready fire water placed in a place easy to get)