Talking about common failure phenomenon of campus smart card system

The use of campus smart card systems has become an inevitable trend for campus management. The goal of the digital campus is to build the backbone platform of the "campus card" system, and all subsystems of identity authentication, on-campus consumption, and school affairs management are built under this platform. The goal of the system is one card for each student or faculty member. This card integrates an identity card, a library card, a consumption card, an on-board card, and a medical card, and represents the identity of the cardholder.

The "campus smart card" system is divided into three levels from top to bottom, namely the one-card system, three subsystems, and subsystem expansion. The campus one-card system is based on the application of teaching staff and students, personal management, and business expansion to achieve Prepare to normalize one card management.

The "One Card" system mainly includes a comprehensive front-end system, card management system, student payment subsystem, business consumption subsystem, computer room management subsystem, self-service laundry system, authentication system, medical management subsystem, etc. Each subsystem contains multiple functional modules and provides query and update functions for each functional module. It provides convenience for teachers and students to recharge campus cards, saves the cumbersome of carrying cash, and avoids the work and risks of banknote counting and banknote verification. Recharging does not need to be restricted by the working hours of the recharge point.

The one card smart card system involves many aspects of the daily life and management of the college, and the system failure problem also involves many aspects. What are the common fault phenomena and treatment methods of the card?
Incorrect day-end time
Daily settlement is a financial term that refers to the settlement of financial attendance at the end of the day. Common failure phenomena are divided into two cases. One is that there is no transaction amount after the operator ’s cash transaction appears in the operator ’s report on the day; the other is that the operator ’s business report yesterday and the operator ’s daily report do not match. The comprehensive front-end system can be used to make adjustments to make the statements and transactions consistent, and at the same time can handle and solve the report date errors and transaction flow many failures.

Account issues
Network transmission, environmental impact, improper operation and other reasons will cause the amount in the card to be uneven with that in the library. The unevenness of the card library is divided into two cases, one is that the amount in the card is greater than the library, and the other is that the amount in the card is less than the library. When the system detects that the amount in the card is greater than the library, it will freeze the card, and the cardholder can continue to use it after unfreezing. The amount in the card is less than the library. Generally, it is because the network is not smooth, and the consumption water has not been uploaded to the data center. The system will automatically settle the account after the network is smooth.

Water control failure
The main function of the water controller is to control water supply and billing. Specifically, read and verify card information; display working status; responsible for communication with intelligent cascade and water control management system. The water controller generally adopts RS-485 communication, and the water controller adopts a moisture-proof and low-voltage (12V) design, which is safe and reliable.

A large number of water control POS machines are installed in each student building, so failures are also frequent. Especially when students leave the school during the winter and summer vacations, there will be a lot of rust when the water control POS is not used, which will damage the solenoid valve. Maintenance personnel can determine the cause of the fault based on the POS machine display code and make corresponding treatment.

Consumer machine failure
There are many reasons for consumer machine failure. Water enters. This kind of situation generally occurs in the cafeteria. The environment often seeps water into the consumer machine, causing corrosion to the circuit board. After a long time, the consumer machine will be damaged due to circuit board failure. Water vapor, the canteen keeps the food warm in the winter and generates a lot of steam, which can cause the keyboard of the consumer to malfunction. The response of the consumer machine becomes slow. First, you should check whether there is a problem with the circuit, whether the line resistance has changed greatly, and whether there is interference. If it is a phenomenon that individual consumer devices are slow, you should check whether there are Yang Hui or broken pins on the communication chip.