Stress Relief Kids Fidget Toy is Skyrocketing in Popularity

More Sales Than Fidget Spinner? Stress Relief Kids Fidget Toy is Skyrocketing in Popularity

As a phenomenon in 2017, the fidget spinner has made many sellers rich overnight, while others are suffering. Such a legendary product is difficult to copy, but the new jin burst let a person peek into the shadow of the former burst.
Since this year, the heat of decompression toys continues to rise, after April directly into the soaring period, nearly two weeks, from Tik Tok to a number of Us media and then to the Us and Asia each major list, decompression toys boom and demand has been shown.

When kids came to a store in Birmingham, Ala., in January looking for "Fidget Toys," the owner thought it was a bit like a scene from 2017, when fidget spinners were all the craze. But this time, the store owner says the growing popularity of stress-release toys is a bigger, more general trend, which in her experience is far more than the craze for spinning toys.
TikTok is a big factor in the push for decompression toys. "TikTok and social media are driving the trend for stress-relief toys," the owner said. "We often post on TikTok about other toys and fudge, but right now the one that gets the most hits is Fidget Toys."

Pop It was the most popular in Arkansas, South Dakota, Texas and Georgia. Related searches, such as pop it fidget, fidget, and pop it fidget toy, also soared.

Buyers are not stingy with praise:
"Love this box! I'm a therapist and I bought this for my clients to use during therapy. I have a couple of clients who really like this box of decompression toys. They have fun picking out toys and enjoy the variety. They still hold up, they haven't started falling apart, and I've had them for a month."
"I kept playing with them and my daughter took them."
But some buyers have complained of uneven product quality and poor experience.
The fidget Toy contains a wide range of products, and POP it is sweeping through American elementary schools.
Currently fidget Toy offers a wide range of products, including Tangles, Fidget Pea Pods, marble Mesh, Silicone poppers, Squishy Balls, etc. As the range of products continues to expand, toy sellers can use their imagination to create new and interesting types of products.
Pop It, a molded silicone toy that mimics the feeling of being squeezed, has proved so popular that it is now the latest craze to hit elementary schools across the US.
Jillian Blythsdale, a teacher at Vogeltown Primary, says Pop It started showing up a few weeks ago. Even in junior high, the toys are a little crazy now, but I don't know if all schools are like that.
"The kids are currently learning about money, and they asked to be able to use the extra money in the classroom to buy Pop It," Blaisdale said. So our class has a little treasure box where the kids can save their money and at the weekend, they can buy some Pop it, and they put pop it in the treasure box with me."
"For me, it's not something that's exciting, but for the kids, it's an amazing toy, and they said they were satisfied with it. Kids are as hooked on these toys as fidget spinner was a few years ago. "Said the teacher.

Fidget toys are all over social media
TikTok is responsible for the explosion of fidget Toys.
A TikTok creator with the username @CharxFidgets heard about fidget toys last summer, purchased them on Amazon in September, opened an account dedicated to sharing fidget toys in February, and by April had amassed more than 680,000 followers, And received 9.3 million likes. Her account is full of videos showing various types of Fidget toys.
On TikTok, a single video with the hashtag #Fidgettoys has been viewed more than 2.7 billion times, with some of the most popular accounts having more than 1.7 million followers.
A quick search on the TikTok app for "fidget toy" provides further evidence of the popularity of this particular trend, with hundreds of videos showing toys of all kinds -- loud, quiet, homemade -- and countless topics about such toys.
Videos typically show people pushing, squeezing, pulling the toys, or unpacking them. It's clearly fun for a lot of people and evokes a real sense of well-being. Fans of the toy are enthusiastic, too, watching video after video.
The fidget Toy is pretty straightforward. With the headline "My favorite stress ball!" Many have more than a million views. 
Right now, fidget Toy is being hyped not just on TikTok, but on various social media channels.
Generally, fidget toys are used to help children who are inattentive and hyperactive. The idea is that playing with things like silicone molds or stress balls can help kids focus. While the toys were originally aimed at this niche, they are now attracting a much larger audience.