Something About Cube Fidget Toy You May be Interested

I bought a  Cube Fidget Toy a month ago, but I don't know what it is, so I'm going to tell you a little bit about it.
Purchase reason
Xiao Bai is a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He likes to bite the fidget cube or turn the pen around when he is thinking. He can't stop his hands. Additionally small white also likes this kind of strange little trifle especially, after seeing a video by chance, small white bought it immediately.
The appearance shows

Blue and white cube, price 58, I think? A little more than a month to forget, write articles are too lazy to check the exact price, feel interested in a treasure, a treasure on the price level is not qi, after all, this also has pirated copies of the legitimate points, if you want to buy to try to be careful oh.
Open it up. In fact, I have already opened the white, and put the invoice inside. How, very beautiful, blue and white give a person a kind of refreshing feeling, let a person look very want to go to ravage it, there are many colors to choose from in the link. The cube is made of latex material, which is much more comfortable to touch than ordinary plastic. There are six sides in total, each of which has its own uses. Next, I will show it one by one
Use feeling

First side: buttons. Looks a bit like mah-jongg five cakes? The five buttons are made of rubber, so the feeling of pressing down is very comfortable and very cool, one of the three vertical buttons, press down will have a click sound, the other two do not, I prefer to make a sound, it is really too cool!

Side 2: rocker. Similar to the handle on the rocker, but in general there is no handle rocker to so great, then the rocker arm is not long enough, can't wide-area mobile, and grabbed the cube to rocker arm not holding the handle comfortable, but small white especially like the rocker to dial, and because it is very hard so back to the moment lets a person very very great.

Third side: the turntable. Look at the picture to know, is a revolving table, there is a similar to the handle of the circle, you can use your hand to press it has been spinning, spinning very slippery, very fast, this side is no sound

Fourth side: switch. This is xiao Bai's favorite side, so it's fair to say that xiao Bai bought the cube because of this side. Press the switch back and forth and make a crazy Call in the voice of catacarta, which is a good news for ADHD people!! Be aware, though, that it's easy to get beat up by the people around you when you're frantically calling.

Fifth side: ball and roller. This side has two components, on the top is an iron ball like a massage ball, you can slide the ball around, or you can push the ball down, just the right amount of tightness. The following are three rollers, the first and second in the turn of the time there is an obvious sense of hierarchy, the third is very loose, turn up particularly fast and no sound, different people taste different ~

Last time:?? What is this? Did you cut corners? It has a groove, but after playing it carefully for a while, it is also very cool. You can press your thumb down and rub it back and forth. This kind of feeling is only understood by people with ADHD.

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