RFID helps build an intelligent library management system

The RFID library intelligent management system is based on the emerging electronic label technology, and it integrates identification of readers, books, documents, and library shelves, which makes it more convenient, efficient, and convenient between computer information and library documents, and reader services Management and service system.

The system is guided by a brand new reader service concept and document management model, and aims at the actual needs and existing problems of library service work and document management, and fully realizes the intelligence and efficiency of library document management.

The RFID library intelligent management system relies on advanced RFID technology and integrates many RFID devices and management software into one, providing a complete set of solutions and products(rfid asset tracking) for convenient and humanized book management and services. The RFID librarian workstation creates an integrated library management system, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the staff in collection management and circulation services.

The main architecture of the system is as follows:

The label conversion system provides the registration and management of books and horizon labels.
The self-service borrowing and returning system provides self-service borrowing and returning services to reduce the labor intensity of the management staff. The 24-hour book return system provides all-weather (7 × 24 hours) self-service book return, unattended, and improves the circulation rate of library books. RFID librarian workstations create an integrated library management system, which replaces simple and repetitive work, greatly reducing the labor intensity of staff in book collection management and circulation services.
The cart-type inventory system provides quick inventory, along frame and other functions.
The portable inventory system is a simple version of the cart inventory system. The portable handheld device is portable, easy to operate, and convenient to collect book information.
The security door system realizes the barrier-free passage of the access control, which is safe and reliable, and the monitoring distance is adjustable, up to 2.5 meters, and the sound and light alarm prompt is realized.
The monitoring center realizes the monitoring of all the equipment in the library. The monitoring personnel can eliminate the equipment failure in time by actively observing the monitoring data of the center or passively receiving the alarm information automatically sent by the monitoring center system to ensure the external service quality and service level of the library.

The advantages of RFID intelligent library management system:

Ø Realize self-service and improve service level
Ø Realize the rapid inventory of books and improve the utilization rate of book resources
Ø Extend library service time and expand library service space
Ø Improve the efficiency of readers borrowing and returning books and avoid waiting in line
Ø Improve the speed of book circulation and maximize the value of book use

The library management system based on RFID technology has become an effective means for libraries to improve service levels and implement intelligent management of collection documents.