RFID enabled property inteligent management electric bicycle

UHF RFID:UHF RFID ridio-frequency antenna is installed at all intersections and traffic arteris to receive the UHF  RFID electronic tag information installed on electric vehicles and upload the data to the central server. The tag price is relatively cheap,but the receiving distance is generally around ten meters, and it is greatly affectad by climate and environment. This scheme is suitable for the regional positioning of indoor articles.
2.4G active RFID:it can be installed on the electric vehicle by pasting or screwing; It has the characteristice of simple and coompact appearance structure, long reading and writing distance and extremely low power consumpation. It has been widely used in the management and positioning of enterprise fixed assets and urban electric vehicles.
GPS+GPRS positioning:the GPS positioning device is installed on the electric vehicle and sends the position information to the central server. This way, the device equipment price is high and the monthly flow fee is required. It consumes a lot of power. It relies on the battery power of the electric vehicele and is easy to disassemble. Moreover, The positioning effect is por in the urban high-rise environment, and the indoor positioning is basiclly impossible