PVC Inflatable Water-Spraying Unicorn Water-Spraying Horse, Outdoor Water-Spraying Kids toys, Lawn Water-Spraying Mat Toys

Everybody, there is a piece of good news sharing with you guys, that is, summer unicorn sprary water toys which is popular.
As we all konw, 
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Product Name Unicorn Spray water Kids Toys
Material PVC,High-Density PVC Eco-feiendly 6P, Non-harmful, Non-pungent Plastic Materials
Material Thickness 22 Silk
Origin GuangDong
Function  Spray Water,
specification  59In* 75In* 28In
packaging  Independent OPP bag
Capacity ①Development    ②Emotion, Vision  ③ Crawling, Interactive Toys  ④Parent-child Communication ⑤ Interest Cultivation Product Category  ⑥Water-splashing Toys Category.
Screen Printing Process  Silk Screen Printing,
Scope of Application  Lawn, Bathroom, Household, Shopping Mall, Etc.

Attractive Feature:
The product is easy to use, environmental protection, portable, can be used repeatedly.

The material used meets the European Union EN71 standard and passes the Environmental Protection 6P, 7P test.
♦This product process uses high-frequency welding
♦Beautiful and convenient, gas-filled products after venting small volume, light weight, can be folded when not in use, ready for the next use.

Notice: Children (4-10 yeard old) our products are inflatable toys, do not use in deep water as it is not a life preserver! Children using inlatable products in the water need to have adult supervision.
Remember !! During the use of inflatable products, please do not inflate over-saturation, inflation saturation is not more than 80% . In addition, please avoid contact with sharp objects, and can not be close to the source of fire.
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