Points for attention in play tent house maintenance

Points for Attention in Play Tent House Maintence
1. Keep the canopy dry:
Now a lot of tents are used to coated silicon fabric, damp and mildew is the enemy of coated silicon fabric, even in sunny weather camping, it is likely to form condensation in the tent, let alone under the rain and snow camping tent body is getting wet. When you are storing equipment after camping, it is necessary to keep the tent dry. If it has been in a wet state, it will soon become mildew, which will destroy the coating when the time comes, resulting in a serious decline in waterproof performance, and even reduce the service life of the tent;

2. Correct drying:

Tent after use more or less have some wet, if you clean it again, tent will be more moist, the need mentioned to keep tents before storing dry, but how to achieve this is to have cultured, naturally air-dried, it is best to minimize exposure (intense ultraviolet radiation can destroy the coating), avoid all means by using drying/dry way to dry, Unless you're treating the tent with an old, no new, no new mentality.

3. Correct cleaning:
Sometimes in rain or snow, the tent may be stained with mud and other things, which should be cleaned before storage. Speaking of cleaning methods, don't throw your tent into the washing machine, or it will just go away. And don't use a hard object like a brush. The correct way is to gently wipe the soiled area with a damp cloth. If the area is very dirty, you can rinse it gently with clean water.
There are still some matters needing attention about the use and maintenance of tents. The problems between length and common degree will not be expanded in detail. Remember, proper use and maintenance can effectively improve the service life and maintenance performance of the tent.