NFC technical knowledge: NFC architecture and related standards

NFC technology evolved from contactless radio frequency identification (RFID). The transmission range of RFID can reach several meters, even tens of meters, and can only achieve information reading and judgment. NFC technology emphasizes information interaction. Near field communication operates at 13.56 MHz and within 20 cm, with transmission speeds of 106 Kbit/s, 212 Kbit/s or 424 Kbit/s.
The NFC Forum defines three operation modes (PDF):
P2P mode: supports mutual communication between two near-field communication devices to realize information exchange and file sharing.
Reader/writer mode: enables near-field communication equipment to read relevant information from posters or electronic labels of exhibition information.
Card simulation: near-field communication devices can allow users to pay retail shopping and transportation costs like smart cards.
The NFC chip is built into the NFC mobile phone, which forms part of the RFID module and can be used as a passive RFID tag to pay the fee; It can also be used as an RFID reader for data exchange and collection.
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