New Play Tent For The Desert

New Pattern Play Tent for The Desert
There are always crazy people in the world who like to explore everywhere. A friend of mine, for example, recently traveled to Morocco alone and wouldn't miss a trip across the Sahara desert.Hiking and hiking usually involves living in a tent, which is fine in colder weather because you can dress up in a down sleeping bag and light a fire outside. But when it's Sahara hot, there seems to be no good way to cool down.Fortunately, human ingenuity is great, and some outdoor enthusiasts have come up with a handy solution: start with tent materials and coatings.

The tent is called Siesta4 Disco, and yes, it looks as cool as a Disco ball.In fact, the predecessor of Siesta4 Disco, Siesta4 tent, itself has a very good blocking uv performance, sunscreen performance is at least one third better than the general tent. In addition, the temperature inside the tent can be further reduced by installing a USB powered fan to enhance ventilation.

While Siesta4 Disco is an improved style, its biggest difference is the use of better thermal reflective fabrics and new coating, looks like a rainbow, further improve the performance of sun protection.With different angles of sunlight, Siesta4 Disco has different refraction effects and looks beautiful. It is fair to call it the most beautiful tent.
In terms of interior design, Siesta4 Disco is basically a continuation of its predecessor, so if you are really heat shy or want to go camping in a very hot place, you can still lower the temperature further by installing fans.
The Siesta4 Disco has already exceeded its crowdfunding goal, and the developer is offering two free fans and a $358 tent, which is expected to be available in April next year.