New Carbon Fiber RFID card holder

About this RFID card holder
Easy access card: With just one click, you can easily access every card in our wallet. You can hold 1-12 cards at any time.
RFID blocking: Breathe easily as your card will be blocked by the body of this wallet, and even the most powerful RFID chip reader can protect them.
High quality materials - All Haven Hearst wallets are made of the highest grade materials. Wherever life takes you, be confident in our wallets.
Integrated wallet - The wallet allows you to secure several bills to the outside of your wallet in the traditional form of a wallet. The proprietary metal clip is designed to enhance safety and reliability.
Great Gift: Due to its fashionable design and high-quality aluminum structure, this RFID shielded metal wallet is a popular wallet for both women and men. They provide great gift ideas for minimalists in your life!