Let us talk about amusement park tents

A tent is a house that can be moved easily, like amusement park tents.The origin of tents predates human civilization. Primitive people put up tents. When human beings entered the era of civilization, they mainly settled down, and the houses that settled down could not be torn down and taken along with them. However, there is also the nomadic civilization, but also march to fight, escape famine to avoid disaster or to use tents, and the human civilization into the era has not a year without war, tent accompanied the entire process of human civilization, so far the army platoon level use tents, with the original tent has no essential difference ———— tower tent.

After the rise of modern outdoor sports, after the invention of aluminum rod skeleton tent, tower tent quickly became a supporting role, and aluminum rod quickly became the mainstream of outdoor tent, there must be a good reason, I tried to analyze.
The use of the tent for the three core: wind, rain, space
I have been in contact with the tower after the tent, to now is still a tower tent lovers. However, I have some remarks about the tower, feel this is and not yesterday. Once I thought that the tower tent wind resistance is strong, the theoretical basis is the triangle principle, I think to break a tower tent alpenstock must be more difficult than breaking an aluminum pole, but I ignored the principle of the barrel, tent wind resistance performance of the realization of two basic elements - support rod, fabric. Once I focused on the support rod element, and neglected the fabric element. The wind resistance of a tent is determined by its weakest point, and where is the weakest point?
Now I'm going to make a hypothetical, two tents, a pyramid, a most basic two-pole cross tent; Same footprint and shape (equilateral hexagon or square), same fabric, same workmanship, same order of magnitude distribution of nail points, same distribution of wind rope points.

With that premise in place, look for differences: the shape is different because the struts are different.
Then, in the same direction, the same wind blows.

Now the stress distribution of the two structures is analyzed; A pyramid is a triangle and is hard resistant. At the point of connection with three lines and three lines, as soon as one line or point collapses, the structure falls apart. Under the destruction of the wind, the stress of the whole structure will be concentrated on one side, and eventually one side will be concentrated on one point, as shown in the red circle in the figure below. That is, we usually talk about, build tower tent all by ground nail point pull.

Double cross is the eggshell, there are two sets of things to fight the wind, one is the tent rod deformation after stress more streamlined, one fixed point hard pull, two combined.

Going back to the premise, the same conditions, and then the wind keeps blowing, which system is going to collapse first?
The strength of the fabric, the ground nail point is also sewn on the fabric; Aluminum rod skeleton tent is conducive to aluminum rod deformation combined with fabric strength. The premise has been set before that the aluminum rod is a variable and there is a critical point -- the stress of the fabric is greater than the stress of the aluminum rod and the stress of the fabric is less than the stress of the aluminum rod.
Then asked the question: how much strength does the fabric need to resist wind better than the double cross aluminum pole tent under the previous conditions, given the known stresses of the aluminum pole?
Let's not talk about rain, let's talk about space. Obviously, the space utilization rate of tower tent is lower than that of aluminum rod frame tent.
Combined with the development process of tent fabric -- more and more light, and look at the three basic demands of tent wind resistance, rain resistance, space, aluminum rod skeleton tent quickly become the mainstream is not difficult to understand. In fact, the real driving force for tent fabrics to become thinner and thinner is the invention and maturity of aluminum rods.
Tower account will not disappear, still have tenacious vitality, there will still be a lot of people like tower account.