Introduction of fixed Rfid Reader Writer

Fixed Rfid Reader Writer are generally equipped with 1-8 antenna ports, and the number of antennas depends on the coverage required by the RFID application. Some applications, such as file input and output, require only a small coverage area, so one antenna can do the job well. Other applications with larger coverage areas usually require multiple antennas to create the necessary coverage.
The fixed Rfid Reader Writer only needs to be fixed in a certain place and kept powered on, and it will continue to collect data. Therefore, if you want to collect how many goods are in the warehouse in a day, but don't want to manually scan every time you purchase, then using a fixed Rfid Reader Writer is a good way to automate the process. Fixed Rfid Reader Writers generally have a larger reading range than handheld Rfid Reader Writer, and can monitor a larger area at a time.