Introduction and application of rfid electronic tag in tire tags!

Introduction and application of rfid electronic tag in tire tags! In recent years, some foreign countries such as the European Union, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have successively introduced tire labeling laws, requiring tires to be labeled to indicate the level of fuel efficiency, rolling resistance, rolling noise, and grip on wet roads. So what exactly is a forum tag? What is the role of rfid electronic tag applied to tires, let me explain to you next.

First, what is a tire label?

     Tire tag is also a kind of rfid electronic tag, it is used to record data, and it is used in conjunction with rfid reader. Generally it is passive.

  Why do I need to get electronic tags on tires?

Rigid requirements: As mentioned above, many foreign countries have issued legal provisions on the rfid electronic tag of tires. The provisions stipulate that the tires must be affixed with electronic tags, so that the tires can be viewed through some attribute information during the production process. Whether it meets national standards is mainly based on: tire fuel efficiency, rolling friction, noise during rolling, and tire grip properties when the road is not dry.

Second, what is the role of rfid electronic tag applied to tires?

    At present, the tire traceability marks on the market generally use the form of "bar code + sidewall information" to store various types of tire information, but the bar code and sidewall position information are located on the surface of the carcass, and the tire will soon be worn away after use . Once these information cannot be seen visually, it means that the tire information is lost, so that information such as tire model, pattern, and diameter cannot be identified. If tires are illegal and unsafe to use (unqualified tires, overloaded use, expired use, etc.), it will directly cause difficulties for the user's use, maintenance, and settlement of claims, leading to disputes and even frequent safety accidents. Waste of energy resources and damage to the environmen