In Terms of OEM factory of Kid Tent and Kids Toys,How to Choose Children's Toys Supplies in This Age?

In Terms of OEM factory of kid tent and kids toys,how to choose children's toys supplies in this age?
Recommended by children age
One, 0-3 months
1. Hang toys - development visual, auditory ability.
2. Colorful faces or smear - development of visual, color and deepening to people's understanding.
3. Ratming toys, music toys - development auditory, grasp the ability, and enjoy your mood. 4. Bracelets that can make sounds, foot rings - development of whole body movements, hand-eye coordination, causal relationship.
Second, 4-6 months
1. Grasping toys - Develop your hand-in-eye coordination ability, causal relationship.
2. Electric toys - development hearing, cognitive ability
3. Filled toys that can make sounds - development of auditory capacity, cognitive capacity, social behavior, body movement, causal relationship.
4. Building blocks - Develop hand-eye coordination skills, fine action.
Three, 7-9 months
1. Non-tumbler-developing fine action, causal relationship.
2. Building blocks - development fine action, hand-eye coordination.
3. Speaking ball, electric toys - exercises, crawling, etc., develop awareness.
4. All types of molding toys (dolls, animals, transportation, etc.) - development of cognition and cultivate comparison for food interest.
5. Tract toys - the ability to develop solve problems, causal relationships, large muscle movements.
6. Rock the horse and horses - exercise the bone development of the baby.
Four, 10--12 months
1. Building blocks, plastic - development of small muscles.
2. Animal toys, character toys - development language, cognitive ability.
3. Music toys (Toy, etc.) - auditory stimulus, promote handocar coordination, development causal relationship.
4. Small cart, drag toys - practice stand, walk.
5. Shape classification toys - Development shape concept, establish initial classification concept.
Five, 1 - 2 years old
1. Amountable toy - development of hand-eye coordination, size concept, causal relationship.
2. Building blocks, plastic - promoting the development of hand, development space concept.
3. Motion equipment (slide, swing, climbing rack, etc.) - development movements, exercise courage.
4. Beads - Exercise small muscles, hand-eye coordination, development persistence.
Sixth, 3-4 years old
1. Trolley, three-wheeler, big ball - systemic exercise, coordinated development.
2. Mosaic, puzzle toy, building blocks - exercise small muscles, development shape, spatial reason.
3. Animal toys, electric toys - development sensation, language skills.
4. Role game toys (such as doll home, toy hospital utensils) - Familiar with social life.
5. Puzzle Sound Toys - Promoting the Development of Children's Intelligence and Language
Seven, 5-6 years old
1. Sports toys (skipping rope, circle, outdoor large sports instruments, etc.) - development of action skills, exercise size muscles and body balance, coordination skills.
2. Structural toys (blocks, sand, earth, leaves, etc.
3. Role game toys - Cultivate observational capabilities, cooperation skills, solve problems, and enhance their understanding of society.
4. Intelligence toys (chess, cards, puzzles, etc.) - the agility of development intelligence, training thinking