How to reasonably use the play tent ? when you come across different weather.

How to reasonably use the play tent ? when you come across different weather.

Summer use
 a single layer, ventilation, is a kind of the bottom of the canopy to add a layer of nylon, ventilation, belong to low altitude camping, it can resist rain, design considerations focuses on ventilation followed by resistance to weather, usually the top window screen mesh for ventilation, the underlying for nylon fabric, with no account, color light inside, won't make too much sun exposure the other people can't stand, cannot resist strong winds, The tent can only withstand the light rain.

Three quarters of use
Used the XueQi tent, its differences in camp column, it can withstand strong wind and a bit of snow, most of the tents have breathable waterproof nylon inside account with better outside account, account is a double door, a layer of gauze, internal moisture can give tent, tent door is larger, this tent for three days to one week's activity, it is best to forest or not overly exposed terrain open camp.

The four seasons using
The tent is made of hard material, which can support snow and strong wind. The double door is easy to enter and leave the camp in bad weather. The design of the tent takes into account the problem of removing and placing equipment during snow period and whether the space inside and outside the tent is sufficient for cooking.

The mountain using
Most alpine air currents are quite strong, tent pillars must support and resist sudden bad weather, tent design should be suitable for rock climbing or hiking needs, easy to carry and comfortable.

Waterproof cloth
Waterproof cloth is a fairly light, less cost way of camp, it's used in lowland forests or subalpine forest environment, the heat release and wind or insect infestation defense ability is poor, plastic tarps is easy to build, the best boxer punched convenient girdle cover, otherwise, use a small round stone encase tie string again, as for the camp pin can find a few small branches as camp pin, The best size is 9x12ft for two people, 11x14ft for three people.