How to find the high growth point of enterprises in the mature RFID high frequency Market

As the most common technology in the perception layer of the Internet of things, high frequency RFID has been widely used in various fields such as access control, tickets, payment, banking, social security and identity recognition. Although the market is relatively stable, as a mature and stable market, it means relatively weak growth. With the rise of emerging technologies such as QR code, face fingerprint recognition and mobile payment, It has an impact on the RFID high-frequency market. Because of its sufficient convenience, and even the trend that smart cards will be replaced in the corresponding market in the future, it is urgent for RFID high frequency enterprises to find new growth points.
RFID high-frequency market can be roughly divided into: smart card market, high-frequency reader market, high-frequency electronic tag market, chip market, software and hardware integration service market and NFC market,

High frequency RFID is a mature and stable market. Enterprises seeking high growth rate can not only rely on national policies to shelter, but also need to seek breakthroughs in user needs and technology, from low-end OEM to high-precision technology, from low-end products to high-end products, and from hardware to software and hardware integration. This is the only way for enterprises to seek high growth points.