How to distinguish the types of access control cards

How to distinguish the types of access control cards ?

By card shape
According to the shape, it can be divided into standard card and special-shaped card.
The standard card is the card with the international uniform size, and its size is 85.5mm × 54mm × 0.86mm。
There is no restriction on the shape and size of the special-shaped card. It can be round, triangular, or drop shaped. It can be customized according to customer requirements.
By card type
a) Magnetic card (ID card): it has the advantage of low cost; One card for one person, general safety, computer connection and door opening record. The disadvantage is the card, the equipment is worn, and the service life is short; The card is easy to copy; It is not easy to control in both directions. The card information is easily lost due to the external magnetic field, making the card invalid.
b) Radio frequency card (IC card): The advantage is that the card has no contact with the equipment, and it is convenient and safe to open the door; Long service life, with theoretical data of at least ten years; High security, computer connection, and door opening record; It can realize two-way control; Cards are difficult to copy. The disadvantage is the high cost.
By card reading distance
1. Contact access card. The access card must contact with the access card reader to complete the task.
2. Inductive access card. The card can be swiped within the sensing range of the access control system.

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