How to choose a camping tent in the wild

For outdoor camping, a tent is an essential piece of equipment. For the same tent, the price can be tens or hundreds of times worse? If you search for "outdoor tents" on e-commerce platforms, you will find that the low is only a few hundred yuan, or even dozens of yuan. There are thousands or even tens of thousands of tall ones. Today I want to have a good chat with everyone, what is the difference between tents at different prices.

1Entry-level park tents do not take up space and are lightly used. The tents at this price are generally single-layer design, and the performance of rainproof and breathable is relatively average. When a family goes to a park for a picnic, it can play a certain function of sunshade and insect repellent, which is limited to this.

2Introduction to outdoor camping tents, mainstream camping tents, the price generally ranges from 300 to 600 yuan. Many tents at this price will focus on the quick opening function. It opens in 3 seconds and can be easily stored. It is more friendly to outdoor Xiaobai. For insect control, it is generally in the form of ordinary net yarn + breathable cloth. Entry-level rain and sun protection, better quick billing, will have a certain rain and sun protection function. However, this type of tent is not suitable for bad seasons such as winter. It is also difficult to avoid the problem of condensation in the account caused by the temperature difference between day and night.

3 a little more expensive tent

High-end materials, great upgrades in appearance and performance, more than 1,000 yuan. Upgraded materials from the inside out, high-end wild luxury camping tents are generally priced at 1,000 yuan or even higher. The materials and materials have been upgraded accordingly. The rainproof, sunscreen and windproof capabilities of the entire tent have been greatly improved: plastic poles and fiberglass poles are upgraded to aluminum alloy metal poles, and ordinary fabrics are upgraded to tear-resistant polyester fabrics.