How does uhf passive rfid tags realize intelligent book management?

      UHF RFID tags have the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at a time, have a long identification distance, fast data transmission speed, high reliability and life span, and withstand harsh outdoor environments. It has been widely used in asset management, production line management, supply chain management, warehousing, retail, vehicle management, book/archive management, etc., for library/archive data storage, query, borrowing, return, anti-theft, inventory, warehouse management etc. This article mainly shares how uhf passive rfid tags realize intelligent book management?

   1. Record library book information into RFID tags, paste them on each book, and transfer information such as the storage location of the book information to the back-end management database. The service life of RFID tags is longer than that of ordinary barcodes and magnetic stripes.

  2. Librarians use RFID handhelds to count books and scan RFID electronic labels, which can quickly and efficiently inquire, count and manage the situation of books, which can greatly reduce the workload of administrators and effectively improve work efficiency.

   What are the advantages of uhf passive rfid tags compared with ordinary barcode paper?

   1. Barcode is a visual communication technology. That is, the scanner must "see" the barcode to read it, which means that people usually have to align the barcode with the scanner to be effective; and radio frequency identification does not require visual transmission technology, as long as the rfid tag is within the reading range of the reader can

  2. The bar code printed with the bar code is torn, defaced or peeled off, and the item cannot be scanned and identified; uhf passive rfid tags have good concealment, not easy to tear or deface, and can be remotely identified

   3. The barcode can only identify the manufacturer and the product name, and the identification information is limited; the RFID electronic label can identify unique items

How does uhf passive rfid tags realize intelligent book management? The traditional book management method is not only inefficient, but also prone to errors, which leads to lower reader satisfaction; and the introduction of RFID technology into book management can realize intelligent and automated book management , Not only can improve the quality of service, but also increase the satisfaction of readers with the library. Intelligent, automated, and personalized libraries are also the mainstream development trends in the future.