How does a novice pack his camping gear with outdoor tent?

The first time we went camping was a mixture of excitement and fear.On the one hand, I am looking forward to the upcoming activities, but at the same time, I am worried about whether MY inexperienced self will miss things and become embarrassed and embarrassed.
Preparation of camping equipment can be a major problem for first-time campers. Without experience, I don't know if I'll ever camp again. In the face of a wide range of camping equipment, I do not know what to buy, which as long as the business to borrow.
And you may not even have an idea of what kind of camping style you like, and even if you have enough silver bullets, you may not know how to start. So, here's a brief introduction to the basic equipment that a novice camping player might need.
First of all.
Outdoor tent + floor cloth
Tent style hundreds, must pay attention to the details of choose and buy, also do not recommend rashly, suggest that in the beginning first to ask a friend to borrow or with anecdotal equipment rental company, or even on loan to get many camps, use this way to know about the kind of erection of the tent, and understand yourself more attention points, because buy the most expensive mistake.
On the style, you can first consider the two camp pillars cross set up the Mongolian bag tent, this style is now the popular mainstream style, mainly easy to carry and set up, the weight is light, very suitable for beginners. And buy more pipes, can also be found in the supermarket, please pay attention to the choice of material, to pay attention to waterproof and breathability.
In addition, the tent is usually attached with a floor cloth, which prevents direct contact with the ground and extends the life of the tent. The floor cloth also has the function of blocking damp and cold, I think outdoor control people can also prepare a moisture-proof mat, and then spread in the inside of the tent, in the wet and cold winter more comfortable oh! And beautiful moisture-proof pad also can take on weekdays to be picnic pad, the function is much.
Advice for beginners: rent/borrow a tent first to participate in camping, learn how to set up and use the tent details before buying.
Kitchen account/parlor account
The main function of cooking tent, or living room tent as it is called, is to provide shelter from the sun, wind and rain so that outdoor lovers can sit and chat and drink tea in their leisure, and also to provide a space for cooking.
After adding hanging cloth, the living room tent can deal with a lot of weather changes in the outdoor, but the space occupied after the weight is heavy is not small, so a lot of outdoor control choice is to find friends to share, or only set up the sky tent.
Advice for beginners: Share with friends or camp in a campsite with an awning, and decide what to buy later depending on the situation.
The account awning
Look at personal habits and preferences, suggest novice cooking tent and tent can choose one. Sky curtain curtain compares sitting room curtain light, choice of design and color is livelier also, but cannot cover wind and rain completely, build at the same time use more skill, the ground space that needs is bigger also.
Advice for beginners: watch how older drivers set up the canopy before deciding whether to buy it.
Camping tool
Such as camp nail, camp hammer, camp column, camp rope these are of course necessary. Especially when the weather is changing, the use of nail and rope to strengthen the fortifications can greatly increase the resistance to wind and rain of the tent, and good tools not only let you get twice the result with half the effort, security also doubled oh! Of course, for something like a camp-hammer, you can borrow it from a friend at first.
Advice for beginners: tents are attached with nail ropes, but it doesn't hurt to prepare a little more.
About cooking
Stoves: A gas stove or mountain stove is recommended for entry. And the double mouth furnace and rapid furnace, due to large volume and heavy, preliminary temporarily not considered. At the beginning of the choice of light stove, the use of time is more, at ordinary times outing hiking or mountaineering can be carried, and fire stability, cooking is very convenient.
Pot is provided: if you want everything simply only, can use the ready-made pot that already has in the home first is provided, recommend to take a pan and a soup pot, can deal with the need of most. The pan is used for frying and roasting, and the soup pot can be used for boiling water, instant noodles and hot pot.
Cutlery: We don't recommend wash-free cutlery, but stackable wooden or stainless steel dishes are a good choice. After camping gradually start, according to personal taste preferences to buy style tableware!
Advice for novices: Use existing items at home first and then buy more.