Family beach tent should be selected according to needs

Knowing who to go camping with, the next factor that affects the purchase of tents is the use environment. Different types of tents are selected in different environments, and different types of tents are used in different scenarios.

Classified by function, tents are divided into three quarters, four seasons, and mountain tents.

For outdoor camping in a general environment, three-season tents and four-season tents are sufficient. The difference between the two is that the three-season tent pays more attention to air permeability, and the four-season tent pays more attention to airtight and windproof.
To go to extreme environments such as high-altitude mountains and snow, choose a mountain tent with a snow skirt design.

According to the appearance classification, tents are divided into yurt tents, pyramid tents, frog tents, fish ridge tents, tunnel tents, etc.
If the campsite is windy, it is best to choose a tunnel tent with good wind resistance.

In addition to the shape, the wind resistance of the tent is also related to the proper use of the tent poles, ground nails, and wind ropes. (For this part of knowledge, friends, please refer to the previous article. With these tent knowledge, your outdoor camping will be safer!)
If it is a rain and snow camp, consider the waterproof performance of the tent.

The waterproof performance of the tent is related to the fabric. Nowadays, the common fabrics are polyester, nylon and crude benzene. The basic fabric is polyester. The best waterproof fabric is crude benzene. Of course, it is also the most expensive.
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