Easy popit children's tents|Installation and storage of children's tents

1. Children's tent installation
Children's tents are not like ordinary tents. They are mainly used as children's toys. Therefore, the installation is relatively simple. Open the received product. The roof and the body of the house are separated. You only need to open and rebound in order to install the roof on the house. The body is fine, and the connecting part is fastened with a button.

2. Folding storage for children's tents
Take out the tent and accessories, and fold the roof in half. It is more convenient for us to fold the two corners diagonally and apply force to the floor by folding both hands in the opposite direction to form a "8" and then fold it into a small circle. When this one is reached, everyone should put their hands inward to form a concave "8" shape, and finally fold the body and the roof. After fixing, install it into the storage sleeve to complete.

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