Do You Know The Maintenance of pole of Play Tent?

Maintenance of  pole play tent

The main use of the tent pole is to support the tent clothing, wind and rain. So the rod requires good toughness, high elasticity, should not be broken. The distinction between good and bad is also mainly reflected in this above.

In general, everyone will choose aluminum rod, a lot of people choose aluminum rod because the subjective that the aluminum rod will be lighter than the rod, the actual general aluminum rod and the glass rod weight is similar, some are even heavier than the rod, and the actual fiberglass rod support characteristics are slightly higher than ordinary aluminum rod. But one of its most important weaknesses is that it is easy to crack and lose its elasticity when it is used for a long time and at low temperatures. Sometimes it breaks! But it should be noted that the low temperature to reach -20 will appear, so glass rod tent will generally be delivered with a section of aluminum tube in case of backup!

Glass rod is divided into yellow rod and black rod, which is the most common black rod, but the yellow rod quality performance is better more expensive, there are many mountain account is the use of yellow rod.

There are many kinds of aluminum rods, in addition to the brand, material, origin and thickness of the specifications of the different, it is difficult to make clear! But most of the common rods are with the bottom cost of The Korean Airlines aluminum rod, and this quality of aluminum rod also has a fatal disadvantage, is easy to change.

Aluminum rod quality in general is bad, but really good aluminium pole, general single piece of aluminum rod hands are not easy to bend, it is easy to bend, fine workmanship, the appearance of smooth, compact interface, painted light falls off not easily, have qualitative feeling, and in every section of the rod head with the words engraved with the brand, lightweight, high elasticity, general 4 meters long 8 mm aluminum rod can nest in a circle and constantly! And in a long period of several days after the bending release can rebound into a straight bar! Only such aluminum rod can reach the level of glass rod support characteristics.

The number of the other pole is also very critical, generally speaking, the more the pole, the more stable, the higher the performance of wind resistance and snow collapse, so the general mountain account will choose to use 5 or even more pole to support! And the general traveling friends in the choice of tent, at the same price, will choose only two aluminum pole camping tent, and give up three carbon fiber pole plateau tent, but I do not know in the wind and support characteristics of three carbon fiber pole plateau tent than the former 150 percent higher, this is a serious mistake.

Generally speaking, the aluminum rod is relatively strong, as to why the collapse, I estimate that the socket is not fully set into the aluminum pipe began to bend, resulting in the bending direction of the local force is too large.

Summarize the aluminum rod maintenance process as follows:

Polish the sharp points of the section to avoid further damage to the tent cloth and repair tape

Rotate the aluminum rod, so that the damage is perpendicular to the bending direction of the tent rod, that is, the general tent rod is bent up and down, where the upper force is the greatest, the damage should be placed on the left and right

Wrap wrap joints and damaged areas tightly with the strongest adhesive tape you can carry.

In addition, I have the following experience:

When putting up a tent, you must hook the pole joints before you begin to bend

Don't watch the tent. The debris from the aluminum pole is likely to be very sharp, and if it hits something like your eyes or throat, the consequences will be serious

If possible, bring repair equipment such as tape, spare fasteners, etc. If you are going to a cold and dangerous area, the tent must have room for redundancy, that is, if there are 4 people in the team, the tent should be enough for 6 people, and ensure that at least some tent damage can be handled. Otherwise, if the damage is beyond repair, life will be in danger.